Yes Rule is really worth that much money

Yes Rule, who is married to Aisha Murray and has three children, Brittney, Jeffrey and Jordan, has had a turbulent career. Despite the ups and downs, he always seems to be one step ahead. Ja’s entrepreneurial finesse has reportedly earned him a net worth of $ 8 million Celebrities.

The number is quite impressive given the variety of legal issues Ja Rule has faced over the years. He was fined $ 1,200 for beating a man in a pub fight in 2003 and was arrested in 2004 for possession of marijuana (charges were quickly dropped, per MTV) and served prison terms for possession of weapons and tax evasion.

Whatever lawyers and fines he gave, he didn’t seem to affect his savings because he would still be worth millions. However, he lost almost everything after working with Billy McFarland to host the Fyre Fest, a music festival that didn’t live up to his promises. There was a class action lawsuit against McFarland and Ja Rule, but Ja could avoid paying anything – read below how he avoided the controversy.

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