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Xi’an Establishes “Mayor’s Special Award” to Encourage Innovation and Development in Advanced Manufacturing

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XI’AN, China, August 10, 2020

XI’AN, China, August 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / – August 5 was held in Xi’an the delivery ceremony of the “Special Prize of Mayors”, which aims to recognize the important contributions to the development of the city, according to the Municipality of Xi’an. At the event, the 20 winners of the “Mayor’s Special Award” and the 30 winners of the “Mayor’s Special Nominee Award” were announced. Through a great ceremony, Xi’an he paid tribute to prominent businessmen who made important contributions to construction and economic and social development.

Among the 50 winners and teams nominated as winners are advanced manufacturing companies such as BYD Company Ltd., Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Co., Ltd, as well as companies dedicated to culture and tourism, such as Datang Everbright City Management and Operation Team and Shaanxi Changhenge Performing Arts and Culture Co., Ltd., among others . Among those who received this honor deserve mention: Asgar Rangoonwala, President of Xi’an Janssen, a multinational pharmaceutical company with roots in Xi’an for 35 years. He later said in an interview: “Xi’an Janssen’s development benefits from the continuous optimization of investment services and the business environment of Xi’an, something that further strengthens Xi’an Janssen’s confidence in rooting for Xi’an and serve China. “.

In the first half of this year, with its advances in economic and social development when working on the prevention and control of the pandemic, Xi’an ranked first among the subprovincial cities in China in three important economic indicators: the GDP growth rate, the growth rate of the industrial added value of large companies and the growth rate of investments in fixed assets. These achievements were made possible by the thousands of companies and entrepreneurs in this city, in addition to its inclusive development philosophy.

Wang Hao, member of the Standing Committee of the CCP Provincial Committee in Shaanxi and secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee in Xi’an, noted that Xi’an will strive to create a first-class business environment, to provide the most thoughtful, encouraging and sincere services, and to establish a clear guiding principle of respect, care and support for entrepreneurs that will enable them to have a sense of honor, achieve high social status and obtain material benefits.

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Over a long historical period, Xi’an, an ancient city in the western region of China, has always been the commercial and commercial center of China. It was also the center of the world economy before the industrial revolution. Times have changed in the past thousands of years, but this ancient city has always been full of vitality and has maintained a solid momentum for development.

The “Mayor’s Special Award” is a special award established by Xi’an in April, to further encourage entrepreneurs, teams and individuals to focus on the advanced manufacturing industry and cultural tourism to build an economically powerful city. The award can be awarded to a variety of companies, such as industrial system builders, innovation-oriented companies and those that attract large investments and execute solid projects. It is proposed to serve the construction of the modern industrial system of Xi’an, as a national central city in China. Individuals and teams that win the “Mayor’s Special Award” will receive a cash prize of CNY 500,000.

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Legend: August 5 was held in Xi’an the ceremony to deliver the “Mayor’s Special Award”, which aims to recognize outstanding contributions to the development of the city.

SOURCE Xi’an Municipal People’s Government

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