Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès: his best friend had been “in love with him” for years

Nine years have passed since the Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès affair has kept France on hold. The most wanted man in France is suspected to have killed his four children, his wife, and his two dogs and buried them under the terrace of his home in April 2011.
Although the case was revived not long ago, the Society magazine decided to research and publish the results of its long investigation. This Thursday, August 6, 2020, the second number of the survey will also go on sale. Readers will thus discover why Emmanuel Teneur, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès’ best friend, lied during his audience.
The two men who met during a vacation when Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès was 13 and Emmanuel Teneur, 14, on the Isle of Bréhat, on the Coasts of Armor, have remained friends and also build their lives in parallel.

Emmanuel Teneur in love with Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès

“More than a friendship, it seems a tacit agreement from lord to vassal,” the magazine describes, specifying that the two men were never far from each other and called each other several times a week. However, according to several relatives, Emmanuel Teneur was in love with his friend and had declared his love for him shortly after their meeting on the island of Bréhat. If Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès had rejected their advances, however, they had remained very close friends.

If Emmanuel Teneur had confessed his feelings to Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, he would not have assumed his homosexuality. We note that during numerous interviews with the police, the man dodges questions about his sexual orientation. Investigators knew he was gay when his sister told them he was depressed, that he was an alcoholic, and that he had loved men for years …

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