Xavier Bertrand “prepares” for the 2022 presidential elections

POLITICS – Xavier Bertrand is actively preparing for 2022. The president of Hauts-de-France, visiting Corsica, answered questions from Corsica tomorrow in an interview published this Monday, August 10. On this occasion, he announced that he was preparing for the presidential elections of 2022, and that he will not go through the right-wing primaries to achieve his goals.

To the question “will you be a candidate?” Xavier Bertrand does not go through four ways to answer:

“I am preparing for that, yes. But for that, we have to unite the French. Therefore, with the Manufacture [l’association qu’il a créé, ndlr], I’m going to meet them. I want to build this project with them.

But before talking about the presidential elections, the closest and most important term is the presidency of Hauts-de-France during the next regional one.

“I know where my house is”

Ensuring that “he knows where he is (s) at home”, “to the right”, he explains that he does not want to go through primaries for his goal of 2022: “You think that people are not vaccinated now from the primaries … My primary will be the Hauts-de-France regional vote. I no longer want a filter between the people and me and I will not submit to the rules set by the political parties, “he says.

The president of Hauts-de-France believes with Corse Matin that “there is only one judge in politics, it is the people who are sovereign […] People are fed up with parties, they want action regardless of which political side. I want to unite the French around ideas so as not to divide them ”.

Several months have passed since Xavier Bertrand has been critical of Emmanuel Macron and said that he is “thinking” about the presidential election, the health crisis has allowed the former Minister of Health to take another step, in this period where the voluntarism of the presidents of the regions revealed the shortcomings of a state undermined by a bureaucracy inadequate to the crisis, particularly in the handling of masks. It is also the regional presidents who, unanimously, have taken a step forward against the holding of the first round of municipal elections, a source of much criticism from the Executive.

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