With 11,996 new positives, Colombia exceeds 350,000 COVID infections | Society | America Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic does not reach a ceiling in Colombia, where this Thursday marked a record 11,996 new cases that raised the total number of infections to 357,710, the Ministry of Health reported just five months after confirmation of the first infected in the country.

The large number of infections today has placed Colombia in fourth place among the countries of the world in daily infections, surpassed only by the United States, Brazil and India.

According to the health authority, there are still 152,671 active cases in the country, corresponding to 42.68%, while the recovered cases are 192,355, equivalent to 53.77%.

During the day, 315 deaths were reported, which increased coronavirus deaths to 11,939 in Colombia, meaning that 3.33% of those infected lost their lives.

Of the 315 deaths, 114 occurred in Bogotá, the main pandemic focus in the country, followed by the departments of Valle del Cauca (35), of which 22 occurred in Cali, its capital; Antioquia (24), Santander (22), Norte de Santander (21), Córdoba and Magdalena (16), Atlantic (15) and Nariño (9).

The rest of the deaths occurred in Cundinamarca (6); Cauca and Bolívar (5); Sucre, Putumayo and Caquetá (4); Boyacá, Chocó and Tolima (3); Risaralda (2) and Arauca, Meta, La Guajira and Caldas (1).


On the day of the 482 anniversary of its founding, the Colombian capital not only had the highest number of deaths, but also a record number of 6,068 positive cases.

Thus, Bogotá remains on alert with 123,875 of the country’s infections, which represents 34.63% of the total.

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Currently, there are 1,460 of the 1,635 beds of intensive care units (ICUs) enabled in Bogotá for those infected with COVID-19, that is, 89.3% are occupied.

The Ministry of Health also reported 1,359 infections today in Antioquia, 1,144 in Valle del Cauca, 457 in Atlántico, 432 in Santander, 341 in Cundinamarca, 272 in Córdoba, 249 in Sucre, 230 in Nariño, 218 in Meta, 182 in Magdalena. , 144 in Cesar and 107 in Bolívar, among other regions.

On the day, 40,063 tests were carried out, bringing the samples processed in the country to 1,801,835.

In addition to Bogotá, the departments of Atlántico (56,118), Antioquia (44,730), Valle del Cauca (29,754), Bolívar (19,657), Cundinamarca (10,978), Nariño (9,006), Córdoba (8,046) also have a large number of people infected. , Magdalena (7,731) and Sucre (6,984).

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