Why Clay Aiken isn’t Adam Lambert’s biggest fan

What does Clay Aiken really think of Adam Lambert? In 2009, the runner-up didn’t hold back when a fan asked his opinion on his fan page. Aiken wrote (per Gawker), “”[I] couldn’t be happier along the way[[[[amerikanisches Idol]]ended this year. He continued, ‘I happened to turn it over the moment Adam Lambert sang’ Ring of Fire ‘and at that moment I thought my ears were bleeding. “Au!

But he didn’t stop there – Aiken called the performance ‘fictional, awful and a bit scary’ and exclaimed, ‘I wasn’t much of a fan and was surprised when people told me they liked him.’ Admit he was Lambert’s other. had not seen idol Performances, he added, “Just not my cup of tea at all.”

Lambert snapped back quickly. “I don’t know Clay,” he said Access to Hollywood, how Us weekly reported. “I’m glad he’s making headlines now, because he wasn’t before.” Did we hear a microphone drop? Aiken has since apologized for the recording. “I apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words,” he said (per vulture). I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn’t care! “

Aiken can just be jealous of his second place. Lambert has developed into the highest earning company idol Alum, per Forbes. Meanwhile, Aiken had a few Broadway residences and was unsuccessfully traveling into political waters, losing a convention race in 2014. Once second, always second?

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