Where to go with the IAA? This is what the Germans say

The future of the IAA – it’s still open. Three cities – Berlin, Hamburg and Munich – wish to host the motor show in the future. The organizer now wants to negotiate with them. The Germans clearly have a favorite. This is demonstrated by an exclusive survey of t-online.de.

Many protesters in front of the exhibition halls, but not much is happening there, even a number of manufacturers have skipped the auto show: many observers see the 2019 International Motor Show (IAA) as a failure. Now the new start: instead of a trade fair, the IAA should become a source of inspiration for modern mobility concepts. In addition, the organizer, the Automobile Industry Association (VDA), bids farewell to the location in Frankfurt am Main.

The VDA wants to decide where the IAA will take place in the coming weeks. Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are the other three of the original seven candidate cities. One of them is favored by the Germans, as shown in a Civey survey on behalf of t-online.de.

One in three wants Munich

Almost one in three Germans (31%) voted for Munich as the future IAA site. A fifth is for Berlin (20.3%), Hamburg receives the least approval (16.6%).

However, just under one in three people have no opinion (32.1%).

The results in detail

It is the Bavarians who want the IAA the most. While only one in two Hamburg and Berliners want the IAA in their hometown (50.8 and 55% respectively), nearly two-thirds (63.1%) of Bavaria say: The IAA belongs to Munich.

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Conversely, they treat the living room in the north the least: only 4.3% of Bavarians vote in favor of Hamburg. Residents of other candidate hosts are more open-minded.

East wants Berlin: 37.1% of the vote for the capital (10.7% for Hamburg and 19.6% for Munich). In the west, however, Munich is clearly in the lead (33.7%). For Berlin there are 16.4 percent and for Hamburg 17.9 percent.

Where is the IAA going? It’s a close race. The VDA also said this when the cities presented their concepts to the association.

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