Where does Chrissy Teigen live and how big is her house?

What does Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s main house look like? According to Diversity, Visitors are greeted by dramatic, sky-high windows, theatrical grand living areas and a run-down living room with wall-to-wall sliding glass that takes you straight to the pool. According to Muted, The couple sold a sporty mid-century modern home in Hollywood Hills in 2014 before picking it up. They listed it for 2.5 million, but sold it for exactly 2 million each Diversity. It was presented in 2013 Architectural summary.

But the couple’s wallet is now expanding. In April 2020 they moved to a second home for $ 5.1 million per person City and countryside, in West Hollywood, California – not far from the current couple. Clad with a chic timber facade, the 3,500-square-foot home has a two-story living room, pool and spa. A nice second option in case your huge head crib gets stale.

Additionally, Teigen and Legend own two (yes, two) penthouses in New York City, in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood. They bought one in May 2018 for just over $ 9 million each Diversity, and after that The earth, a second April 2020 for $ 8 million … next door. The apartments have mature bricks and both have an outside terrace. According to The only thing true, They sold another unit in the building to upgrade. Impressive; This power couple has a strong portfolio of homes!

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