When he hugged a Lebanese woman from Beirut, President Macron comforted the entire country

On August 4, our hearts exploded with the port of Beirut. When we heard the news, memories of the past immediately returned: had the war returned? We held our breath, we prayed for the victims, we prayed for Lebanon.

President Macron’s visit is an unrivaled source of hope for Lebanese who are fed up with the corruption and political class that has dominated the country and stifled our future for too many years. Arriving in Lebanon yesterday, when he hugged a Lebanese woman from Beirut, the French president comforted the entire country.

The entire political class, and for too many years, has been responsible for the dramatic social damage, family tragedies and economic collapse that we suffered.

We have been living in a very difficult situation for years. Since the October Revolution, where we walked hand in hand, we have felt betrayed. We are suffocating under the weight of an unbreathable economic situation, the dollar is too expensive, all prices have risen at least three, up to six times, meat is no longer on the table for many of my compatriots … We do not ask the moon, we ask to live with dignity, to be respected and heard by our leaders. Unfortunately this is not the case. Hope returned more than ever when we saw the French president in our land, with our people.

He wore a black tie, as a sign of mourning, while President Aoun did not have this thought. He took a Lebanese woman in his arms, forgetting for a second the barrier gestures while only shaking the hand of his Lebanese counterpart: we saw him, we heard him, the French president, and with him. France is above all a friend of the Lebanese people.

Our hearts trembled for our children when we believed that the war was back, but our hearts were filled with rage when we learned of the probable cause of the accident: the entire political class, and for too many years. , is responsible for the dramatic social damage, family tragedies and economic disasters that we suffer. France is the country’s older brother and, without necessarily wanting him to return to Lebanon, we are convinced that without him we are nothing.

Could it work again? We wish it with all our hearts. Like many of my compatriots, I was shocked when I heard the French president at the French Embassy in Beirut speak in Arabic “Bahebak ya Lebnan”, I love you Lebanon. Hope is at the height of our pain, but we know that there is a happy future for our country, which is full of energies, wills and citizen aspirations that will allow us to overcome the problems that have existed for too long. seized our country.

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