What really happened to Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen?

What happened between Adam Lambert and his old friend Sauli Koskinen? In a sense, it seemed time for the glamorous singer and reporter to go their separate ways. In April 2015, Lambert said Gay news from South Florida (about Huffington Post) that the relationship was “on the run” in recent months.

Sauli and I are really good friends and I know it’s a cliché to say that. But it is absolutely true. “The rocker added:” I was very busy and on the road a lot and he was very busy because he has a show he does for Finnish television. “It is worth noting that Koskinen first became famous for a. The reality competition also won the Finn Big Brother in 2007 from Daily mail.

But were things rockier than just an appointment calendar? According to The Hollywood ReporterIn December 2011, Lambert spent “several hours in a Finnish prison … after being arrested for a gay bar in Helsinki”. The arrest was “after a fight” with Koskinen at each point of sale.

Koskinen then responded loudly to the incident on his blog TMZ. “Advertising is not easy, but celebrities are just people,” he wrote. “Love isn’t easy either, but it lasts forever!” In Lambert’s time tweeted: “Jetlag + vodka = blackout. Our ÷ blackout = irrational confusion. Prison + guilt + press = lesson learned. Sauli + Adam + Hangover Burger = laugh about it.” That’s a comparison. We are not mathematicians, but most couples’ arguments don’t lead to arrests!

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