What really happened between Adam Lambert and Sam Smith

What is the real deal between Adam Lambert and Sam Smith? According to The Huffington Post, Their band dates back to 2016 when the couple posed for photos in the city of London and Mykonos. In 2018, Smith Flack caught up with a video that he disliked Michael Jackson on Instagram and said, “I don’t like Michael Jackson, but this [„Human Nature“] is a good number “per USA today (Smith’s opinion of Jackson probably wouldn’t kick back today). Lambert defended his friend at the time and told the story People that Smith’s assessment of Jackson was part of a more detailed conversation that was actually quite interesting. I think people should give [them] a break.”

Have Lambert and Smith ever been more than friends? Some fans have speculated that this relationship means more, but the official answer is no. On Watch live what happens In 2019, Lambert told host Andy Cohen that the romantic herd was not a truth. “I really like this rumor. As soon as I heard it, I texted him, ‘said Lambert (via Entertainment tonight). Then he praised Smith and said, “He’s such a nice guy. It is so funny. ”

However, Lambert announced that he and Smith spent some wild nights together. “We were driving a rickshaw from one club to another in London, wasted at 3:00 AM,” he recalled. “So there is a lot of attachment.”

Is it wrong to say that we are a little disappointed? These two would make a cute couple and imagine the duets.

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