What happened on …: Calendar sheet 2020: August 12 – Germany and world

Berlin – The current calendar sheet for August 12, 2020:

33rd calendar week, 225th day of the year

141 days until the end of the year

Leo astrological sign

Day name: Radegund


2018 – US space agency Nasa launches a probe believed to fly through the extremely hot solar atmosphere for the first time. The “Parker solar probe” will approach the sun within 6.2 million kilometers and withstand temperatures of over 1370 degrees.

2017 – The Mannheim-Basel rail line is closed due to the lowering of the rails above a tunnel construction site near Rastatt. Rail service will not resume until October 2. About 300 trains daily use the important north-south link.

2005 – Former Secretary of State for Armaments Ludwig-Holger Pfahls was sentenced to two years and three months in prison for accepting around two million euros in bribes.

2003 – The “Lovesan” computer worm, also known as the “Blaster”, infects hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in just 24 hours.

2000 – The Russian nuclear submarine “Kursk” sinks to the bottom of the Barents Sea near Murmansk with 118 men. After dramatic rescue attempts at a depth of 100 meters, the Russian Navy announced the death of the entire crew nine days later.

1995 – A heat emergency is declared in the American metropolis of Chicago, after 550 people were victims of a heat wave in the metropolis in July alone.

1990 – The largest, best-preserved, and most complete fossil of a Tyrannosaurus rex is found in North Dakota. The dinosaur “Sue” is 12.8 meters long and named after its discoverer Sue Hendrickson.

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1985 – A Japan Airlines Boeing 747 crashes due to a technical fault in the mountains of central Japan. 520 of the 524 inmates die.

1970 – Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt and Soviet Premier Alexej Kosygin sign the Moscow Treaty in the Kremlin. He initiated the normalization of relations with the Warsaw Pact States.


1955 – Heintje (65), Dutch pop singer (“Mama”)

1950 – Iris Berben (70), German actress (crime series “Rosa Roth”)

1930 – George Soros (90), Hungarian-American financial investor and philanthropist

1930 – Peter Weck (90), Austrian actor (“J’épouse une famille”), stage director and artistic director

1925 – Werner Nachmann, German entrepreneur, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany 1965-1988, died 1988


2000 – Max Grießer, Bavarian folk actor (“Ein Schloß am Wörthersee”), b. 1928

1955 – Thomas Mann, German writer, 1929 Nobel Prize for Literature for his family novel “Die Buddenbrooks”, b. 1875

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