Victoria Abril: the incredible story of her father “twice dead”

M6 is broadcasting the movie “Picad, then!” Monday. The opportunity to discover or rediscover this comedy directed by Charlotte de Turckheim, released in 2012. The latter tells the story of Nina, a young, pretty and round woman who dates a man who only likes thin girls. In an attempt to seduce the man she loves again, she reluctantly accepts the rather unusual gift he gave her: a slimming cure in Brides-les-Bains.
Victoria Abril is used to comedies, but for a few years it is in the series Clem, which has since left, where we find the actress. It was on this occasion that Thierry Ardisson received her on the set of “Salut les Terrens” in 2016. And in addition to trusting in her future and her career, the actress had made a strange personal revelation about her childhood. . In fact, she had revealed that her mother was a “girl from a hospital ward” and that her father had died. Well, that was what he thought until his grandmother confessed to him on her deathbed that he was alive and well and that he lived in Madrid.

“He died twice”

Victoria Abril then decided to look for him at all costs. Unfortunately, the one who disagrees with Laurent Gamelon arrived too late. She managed to find his trace, but the latter had died a few weeks before, and for real this time. “She died twice,” she confided to Thierry Ardisson in 2016. “It took me half an hour to gradually discover this photo. Because you know, when you see your father suddenly … You usually have a lifetime to get used to her

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