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The Venezuelan opposition on Monday denounced the underreporting of 100% of deaths reported by Nicolás Maduro’s government due to COVID-19, while asking Venezuelans to take extreme security measures to prevent the increase in infections.

“There is an intentional under-registration of the dictatorship,” said the doctor and opposition leader José Manuel Olivares at a virtual press conference, referring to the Government of Nicolás Maduro, who reports 223 deaths from coronavirus, while guaranteeing that they have already died, at least 447 people.

According to Olivares, “many of these Venezuelans lost their lives because there was no way to fight COVID-19. Not that the battle was lost, it was that there was not even a way to fight the virus ”.

On the other hand, he guaranteed that of the 447 deaths reported by the opposition, 58 of them were health professionals – which represents 12% of the total.

For the opponent, the high mortality rate in the health area is due to the fact that “they don’t have protective equipment, they don’t have water in hospitals”.

Olivares, who has lived in Colombia since the end of 2018, asked Venezuelans to take “the necessary measures” to avoid contagion, noting that the country’s hospitals are close to collapse.

He added that “Nicolás Maduro is improvising, it costs him and, unfortunately, it will cost the lives of Venezuelans”.

Venezuela is undergoing the 22nd week of quarantine designed to contain infections, which have increased in recent weeks.

This Monday, the Government started an alternation system that combines weeks of mobility restrictions with others of partial flexibility, similar to the 7X7 that it has been implementing for over a month, but with the opening of new sectors.

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Olivares pointed out that in Venezuela it is “impossible” to ask citizens to comply with the quarantine, not even every two weeks, since in many cases they need to leave the house to obtain basic things like water.

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