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Venezuela registered 981 new infections by COVID-19 on Thursday, the highest daily number announced so far and has exceeded 23,000 cases of the disease, reported the country’s executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez.

“We have a duty to inform all Venezuelan people that, in the last 24 hours, 942 new cases of community transmission and 39 imported cases have been detected,” said Rodríguez, who chairs the presidential commission for the control of COVID-19, on Twitter. in Venezuela.

On the same platform, the official indicated that the Capital District – Caracas and some municipalities in the central state of Miranda – was the region that contributed most today, with 347.

The state of Miranda and the west of Zulia, with 234 and 130, respectively, are the other two regions that registered more cases on Thursday, the Venezuelan official said, always on Twitter.

Likewise, Rodríguez said that 7 Venezuelans died today from complications caused by COVID-19, a figure that brings the total number of deaths from this disease to 202 in the South American country.

With these data, Venezuela adds “to date 23,280 detected cases, of which 10,608 are active (and) 12,470 (54%) (are) recovered,” added the Venezuelan vice president.

In addition, “8,297 patients are asymptomatic, 2,122 with mild respiratory failure, 123 with moderate respiratory failure and 66 in intensive care units for having severe complications” derived from COVID-19.

Rodríguez also said that Venezuela has already carried out 1,573,859 diagnostic tests, which represent 52,462 per million inhabitants.

Venezuela is undergoing a 21-week quarantine designed to contain infections, which have increased in recent weeks.

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Nicolás Maduro’s government said it would combine weeks of mobility restrictions with others of partial easing, a strategy it calls “7×7” and which hopes to allow a “breather” to the economy of the country already attacked.

However, Efe found that many companies defy quarantine weeks to avoid, according to their owners, going bankrupt and keeping companies afloat.

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