Vaimalama Chaves as a couple: reveals his partner on Instagram

Known for her outspokenness and responsiveness, Vaimalama Chaves is no longer a heart to take. Very discreet about her private life during the year of her reign as Miss France 2019, the beautiful brunette decided to reveal a little more on the subject very recently. In fact, when journalists asked him if he was in a relationship, Vaimalama Chaves frankly replied: “I can’t afford to dedicate myself to a boyfriend.”

Now that she has removed her crown and sash to make way for Guadeloupean Clémence Botino, Vaimalama Chaves leads a calmer life. The 25-year-old also has projects on her mind. And why not with her other half? Because yes, Vaimalama Chaves is in a relationship! And this is serious.

Smile from ear to ear in Bora Bora!

“He met my whole family in Tahiti, so it’s official. I was waiting for this event to say more about him because it was important to me. What I can tell you for now is that it’s ‘It’s really serious!’ Vaimalama Chaves recently confided. to Télé Loisirs.

Currently on vacation in Bora Bora, Vaimalama Chaves has decided to take a new step with his beloved. If the former Miss France insists on keeping her partner’s identity secret, she has just revealed a cliché in which we can see the young man’s face. “How many rays are there in this photo?”, Vaimalama Chaves comments in the caption of the photo in which the Tahitian clings to the back of her beloved, smiling from ear to ear. One thing is for sure, Vaimalama Chaves is overwhelmed!

By Matilde A.

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