To strengthen the relationship with Brazil, Daniel Scioli started his activity as an ambassador

Finally, Daniel Scioli formally began its diplomatic activity as ambassador to Brazil. Although the National Government formalized his appointment at the end of June, the former governor began his term in the neighboring country only on Tuesday.

In Brasilia, with goatee and social distance, Scioli summoned his work team on behalf of Argentina to make “every effort” in trade promotion and “Boost exports of products and services” national.

In turn, through his social networks he highlighted: “In my first activity, I met with the embassy employees and collaborators, I requested that all human and economic efforts be concentrated on commercial promotion”.

“I also had a video conference with the staff of the consulate in Rio de Janeiro, where we agreed that energy issues and nuclear development are priorities for our country”He added about his first official day in Brasilia.

No link between Alberto Fernández and Jair Bolsonaro, with a drop in the economy of more than 10% in the two countries that strongly affects trade ties and the effects of COVID-19 that do not give respite in setting up an agenda linked to what would be normal diplomatic, Scioli faces the challenge of diplomatic management at the worst moment of bilateral relations in the last 40 years.

However, despite the crossings between the two presidents and the antagonistic positions in economic, social and health terms, the ambassador’s agenda was agreed with Alberto Fernández. The President received him last Friday in Olivos and they decided to build a “Mature and responsible relationship” with the neighboring country.

Scioli met with his new team in Brasilia and asked them "that all human and economic efforts are concentrated on trade promotion ”.
Scioli met with his new team in Brasilia and asked “that all human and economic efforts be concentrated on commercial promotion”.
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“I travel to Brazil on Monday with the president’s clear instructions to give them a strategic importance for bilateral relations and achieve Good understanding with Brazil in the parameters of our democracies ”, Scioli had advanced in the dialogue with Infobae. Just before the meeting, Fernández and Scioli met with the Brazilian oil entrepreneur Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello of the Cosan Group.

This leading businessman in the biofuels industry in Brazil, who has alliances with Shell and maintains a company valued at $ 12 billion, He added to the Government that he is willing to carry out an investment development in Argentina of more than US $ 700 million.

It is known that Argentina is closer to integration with progressive Latin American leaders based in the Puebla Group and that Bolsonaro promotes the Lima Group, openly facing Venezuela. However, in a meeting he had with the Chancellor Felipe solá and with the Itamaraty Commercial Relations Secretary, Jorge Neme, Scioli called “Deideologizing relationships” and “Focus on working together with Brazil to get out of this global scourge of the pandemic together”. Thus, weeks ago, the former presidential candidate for Kirchnerism wished a “quick and favorable recovery” for President Jair Bolsalaro after confirmation that the Brazilian President was infected with COVID-19.

The Executive Branch formalized the appointment of Scioli as ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil in late June. The Senate agreed with the nomination and the Brazilian government granted the former vice president approval of style. Now Scioli is waiting to present credentials to Bolsonaro.

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Daniel Scioli will arrive in Brazil on August 10 with the mission of channeling the relationship after the tensions between Bolsonaro and Fernández

The new stage of quarantine: closed borders, the same limitations on public transport and the restriction of flights will continue

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