To avoid drowning in a heat wave, forget about these three reflections

HEALTH – Since the beginning of summer, not a day has passed without a new drowning darkening the holidays. For the month of July, the Ministry of Sports indicates a figure that is rising compared to the same period last year: 109 deaths against 96.

To fight against accidental drowning, the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu launched in 2019 the plan “aquatic facility”. It allows children from an early age to become familiar with the water and learn to swim. The goal is to better prevent the risk of drowning, because the best protection is knowing how to swim.

But the youngest are not the only ones who have to face these kinds of problems. At any age it is possible to drown. Especially because when we find ourselves in a situation of this type, it is common to adopt bad reflexes and neglect the actions that could save us.

Know to keep calm

“According to the definition of the World Health Organization, a person drowns as soon as liquid enters their airways, which prevents them from breathing air. Thus, drowning does not necessarily lead to death ”, specifies the site of the Life saving society. Therefore, breathing is essential to keep the body out of the water.

Swimming against the current, against the waves or doing “aquastress” will not help at this time. It is advisable to lie on your back to do the plank and regain normal breathing. “We must remain calm,” recalls Jean-Michel Lapoux, general secretary of the Federation of Lifeguards (FMNS) to France information. “If possible, you have to try to go back on your own, to the limit. But if the person is very tired, it is better that they rest a little: they can do the table and start again ”, she continues.

Every year, The Ministry of Solidarity and Health recalls the practical advice and behavior to adopt for safe swimming. Therefore, it is advisable to swim in supervised areas, respecting the bathing prohibitions, knowing how to swim before going to the water, being in good shape, not having drunk alcohol, and watching over children. bathe with them.

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