Tim Bendzko gives a hall concert in Leipzig

Concerts, festivals and other major events are still not allowed due to the Corona crisis. But in August, it should finally be time: Tim Bendzko is giving a concert – and looking for visitors.

In a special concert with Tim Bendzko, researchers at Halle University Hospital want to know more about the major events in the time of Corona. Currently 4,000 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 50 are wanted to attend a concert by the Berlin musician (“Keine Maschine”) in Leipzig on August 22, project managers in Halle announced on Friday.

Tim Bendzko: During a concert of the singer, a study on the transmission of the coronavirus is expected to take place. (Source: star-media images / imago)

The first results of the study are expected four to six weeks later. Strict hygiene rules apply during the project. Subjects are forced to do what is called FFP2 masks carry.

The main objective of the researchers is to develop a mathematical model that can be used to calculate the risk of a corona epidemic after major events in halls. In addition, determine the number of other people that a concert visitor comes into contact with upon arrival.

Those interested can visit the Restarting Website-19 record.

Three different scenarios are tested

“The biggest challenge – I think – will be data analysis,” said Stefan Moritz, project manager. “Because we will be measuring contacts with all other test subjects within a 30-meter radius every five seconds for an entire day.” According to project participants, this is the first such study in Germany.

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More specifically, three scenarios are to be performed during the concert. There should be a process as it would have taken place in front of Corona: with two entrances to Arena Leipzig, without distance rules and the like. After that, a scenario with a stricter hygiene concept, more entries and much greater distances. “In the third scenario, a distance of 1.5 meters is maintained on the stands. Only about 2,000 test subjects are involved, ”he says.

The nearly one million euro project is largely funded by the states of Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony.

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