Tigres beat Puebla to lead in Mexico


MEXICO CITY (AP) – Two locker room goals opened Tigres’ path to the top.

French star André Pierre-Gignac and Chilean Eduardo Vargas hit targets in the first eight minutes on Tuesday, leading Tigres to a 2-1 victory over Puebla.

Gignac opened the account with a penalty of six; Vargas went on two minutes later, in an operation in which a cross by Colombian Luis Quiñones ended.

Mexican-Peruvian striker Santiago Ormeño celebrated his third goal of the season with a precise header on 56 minutes.

Tigres climbed to first place with eight points, with more commitments remaining for the fourth round, which ends Thursday.

The “La Franja” team fell to fourth position with seven units. His Peruvian coach Juan Reynoso questioned the schedule for the new season.

“Not as a complaint, but as a reflection, it is incredible that they put us on Saturday, Tuesday and now Friday with two trips. I hope the other teams are the same ”, he commented.

The cats quickly opened the scoring when referee Erick Miranda leaned on the video referee (VAR) to signal the penalty by stepping on Javier Aquino when just a few minutes had passed.

The process was complicated for Tigres when defender Carlos Salcedo saw a red card for a tough entry at 73.


One blow was enough for the Lion to achieve a suffered victory.

Colombian striker Yairo Moreno made a great move in the area to sign the goal with which “La Fiera” beat Pachuca 1-0.

Moreno made a cut before sending the ball to the nets, in one of the few emerald approaches on 70 minutes.

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The victory took León to sixth place with seven points. Pachuca drew with four in the tenth. This was the Esmeraldas’ fourth consecutive victory over the Tuzos.

For the second consecutive game, León did not have Ecuadorian striker Ángel Mena, and achieved a hasty victory after scoring only his second goal in the dispute.

In the first half, the visitors were lucky. Referee Eduardo Galván resorted to a replay to change the penalty kick after 11 minutes, after Colombian Felipe Pardo received a cross that hit compatriot William Tesillo’s arm.

After seeing the play, the whistler realized that the hand was unintentional.

Pardo was sent off at the start of the substitution after Galván turned to VAR to assess that an entry deserved a direct red card.


VAR’s intervention helped Necaxa out of the basement.

Argentine striker Lucas Passerini converted a designated penalty after VAR’s intervention to give Necaxa the 1-0 victory over Mazatlán.

The victory placed the Rayos in 13th position with four units, the same with which Mazatlán remained, one step up.

In the final stretch of the first half, Martín Barragán headed and hit the arm of Chilean defender Nicolás Díaz, so that referee Jorge Pérez Durán scored the penalty after resorting to video replays.

In the final minutes, Pérez Durán relied on the VAR again to assess a possible penalty from Paraguayan defender Julio González of Necaxa, who touched the ball with his hand in the area. But the infraction was not punished, as it was found that it occurred after an impediment on 82 minutes.

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America reported that full back Jorge Sánchez had a positive result in COVID-19 among the 73 tests performed on players and employees of the institution.

Sánchez had played every minute of the three Apertura games. Now he will lose the matches of Thursday, against Santos, and Sunday, against Querétaro, of the double journey.


Argentine Diego Cocca was named Atlas’ new strategist, the day after the team announced the resignation of Rafael Puente del Río.

Cocca is preparing for his third phase on the Mexican football reserve bench, after leading 22 games for Santos between February and September 2011 and 44 for Tijuana from December 2017 to October 2018.

As a football player, Cocca was a defender who came to Mexican football in 1999 precisely to join rojinegros, with whom he played 81 duels until 2001. Later he played in Veracruz and Querétaro, in his experience in Mexico.

For this Thursday’s game against Toluca, the team managed to get assistant Omar Flores to stay on the bench. Cocca’s debut can be celebrated this Sunday against Santos.


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