This is Simon Cowell’s shocking fortune

Although Simon Cowell has retired from his entertainment business, he will continue to maintain all of the company’s music assets, including artist catalogs and rosters such as One Direction The daily star. It was reportedly an eight-figure deal that caused Cowell to leave the company, and The daily star claimed he would focus more on his television career from now on.

The outlet also announced that Cowell will continue to hold Sony Music’s shares in the TV partnership, which will later be privately managed under Syco Entertainment, meaning Cowell will continue to take advantage of the TV shows Syco is running. works together The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Celebrity fortunes reports that Cowell typically earns between $ 50 million and $ 100 million a year – making him one of the highest-paid TV stars – but it remains to be seen if that change at Syco will affect that.

Work activities aside, Cowell also reportedly owns a handful of millions of dollars in real estate around the world Hello!. He reportedly owns two homes in California and another in London. However, he appears to be selling the house in London and has already decided on another house at Wimbledon. With so much money he really seems to be able to live wherever he wants.

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