The truth about Brandy and Monica’s relationship

Brandy and Monica played their single “The Boy Is Mine” together at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998, but the performance was surrounded by drama. There were rumors that Brandy would have given Monica a black eye for the show MTV news. Both sides of the singers at the time denied the reports.

When Brandy was preparing to release her album B7 in July 2020, she recalled the record that Zane Lowe said had sparked the decades-long feud on Apple Music Hollywood life.

‘I knew Monica had to be there about the song. I thought she gave the song such great flavor, great swag and every time I hear it it sounds fresh and new to this day, ”Brandy said.

She continued: “And I think especially when you say Monica and me, I mean this song was about a boy and we competed for a boy. And so, of course, people will put us against each other even more because of the subject matter of the song and what we’re talking about. So we helped make the song competitive. “

Brandy went on to tell Lowe that she believes “The Boy Is Mine” inspired Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to put their competitive characters aside and collaborate on “When You Believe.”

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