The true meaning of Luke Bryan’s One Margarita explained

Sometimes there are layered songs with a versatile meaning, and sometimes – as is the case with Luke Bryan’s ‘One Margarita’ – you hear exactly what you get. The song – which can be thought of as an ode to the classic Jimmy Buffett play “Margaritaville” to which it refers in one of his later verses – is simply about sitting back and sipping the margarita of your choice (or two or three ) take. At “One Margarita” it’s all about a good mood and enjoying the summer offers.

The music video for “One Margarita” is also suitable for this (frankly single) interpretation. As a country music site The boat Released in April 2020, the video “One Margarita” shows Bryan joining the bartender in front of a bevy of “customers” – including the singer’s mother, LeClaire Bryan, in a surprising cameo.

“I have a few things that I watched that I go to the studio to record them that sound very vintage, but then I have some things that contain new and different sounds. The country singer said in an interview with Taste of the country at the Hometown Rising Country Music Festival in September 2019. “I think somehow I should always marry them. I’m not going to have an album where every song has a steel guitar, but I do have a steel guitar.” This album? Yes. “

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