The third “Queen of the South” fell in Puebla

The agency said in a statement that the narcotrafficker had about 100 packages containing a powder with characteristics similar to cocaine (Photo: Especial)

This Friday, August 7, she was captured Cecilia “V”, The Queen of the South, at the Puebla, informed the state Secretariat of Public Security (SSP). It is considered as one of the main objectives security elements of the state government.

The Queen of the South She was captured in the municipality of Ahuazotepec by agents of the State Police. The agency said in a statement that the drug trafficker had approximately 100 packages containing a white powder with characteristics similar to those cocaine.

The SSP intelligence report said that he has a relationship with Juan “L”, The mucus, has criminal ties with Oscar “N”, The Crazy Tellez, and works in this region of the state with two men identified as The herb and The ears.

Cecilia “V” is linked to theft of oil and cargo transportation, as well as the sale of drugs and weapons to the gang that recently arrested Oscar “N”, The Crazy Tellez, previously led.

Third queen of the south (Photo: Special)
Liliana “H” is considered the first “Queen of the South” in the state of Puebla (Photo: Special)

The municipalities of Ahuazotepec, Huauchinango, Zacatlán, Chignahuapan and San Martín Texmelucan were the main areas of criminal action for The Queen of the South. The statement confirmed that Cecilia “V” was considered as one of the priority objectives of the criminal atlas of the SSP in Puebla.

It is not the first: elements of the Secretariat of the Navy and state and municipal police took part in the operation stop another Queen of the South of Puebla in 2018; a young woman wanted as a dangerous criminal, accused of leading a fuel theft gang.

Together with the Attorney General of the State of Puebla and the Secretariat of Public Security of the entity, the arrest was made. Little was known about her: her name, Liliana “H”, and a single image that circulated on social media after his arrest.

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Your capture occurred at dawn at home in the Arboledas neighborhood of Loma, In the city of puebla.

The authorities point out Liliana
The authorities appoint Liliana “H” as the replacement who took the power of “leader Huachicolero” Jesús Martín Mirón, El Kalimba (Photo: Archive)

The authorities point to Liliana “H” as the relay that took the power from the “huachicolero leader” Jesús Martín Mirón, Kalimba, executed at the end of 2017 when they were going to practice a surgery to change your fingerprints and face and therefore get a new identity, in the area of ​​fuel theft in the municipality of Santa María Xonacatepec.

She is also accused of three intentional murders. The youngest was a 12 year old victim that he was shot five times, one of them in the head.

Another occurred when he signed his name on a card that was on the victim’s body. Human remains were eaten by dogs in the Puebla Periphery, at the height of the San Miguel Social Rehabilitation Center. “So that they learn not to mess with the Queen of the South”the message said.

Kalimba was executed in late 2017, when he was going to undergo surgery to change his fingerprints and face and thus get a new identity (Photo: Archive)
Kalimba was executed in late 2017, when he was going to undergo surgery to change his fingerprints and face and thus get a new identity (Photo: Archive)

Security guards reported that Liliana “H” controlled, on a small scale, drug trafficking or trafficking in the south of the city Puebla. Hence its nickname: it refers to the character of the Spanish Arturo Pérez Reverte, Teresa Mendoza, and which is allegedly based on the drug dealer Sandra Ávila.

During the arrest of The Queen of the South authorities seized, unofficially, at least 100 shots of glass, 50 heroin, 40 pounds of marijuana and guns, according to the local press.

Early reports indicated that leader Huachicolera had been detained alone. However, elements later clarified that they had seized four more of their accomplices: Juan Carlos Damián “A”, José Froylan “L”, María Carlos “M” and an unidentified man.

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