The Real Meaning of Tim McGraw’s Good Taste in Women

Since Tim McGraw has been married to country singer Faith Hill since 1996, his new single “Good Taste in Women” could be an ode to his wife. McGraw lets listeners know that, according to the lyrics of his title, she leads others to believe it is “high class living” with “good taste for women”. Their love has certainly inspired McGraw’s music before.

On the other hand, with lines like “How did a boy catch the eyes of the ocean out of nowhere, so blue?” And “look at you, just look at me,” the song could be an ode to women in general. Faith Hill’s eyes are more brown than blue, like the woman in the song, so that doesn’t quite match. A press release noted that McGraw’s new album “ features a collection of songs that McGraw has brought together to create vignettes of common human emotions such as love, relationships, introspection, and pleasure, ” giving this single a more general take on pleasure and May appeal. . instead of a personal song about McGraw’s own wife.

In either case, the meaning is clear: although McGraw tells the audience that “it’s hard not to brag,” the lyrics of “Good Taste in Women” sound like a heartfelt appreciation for beauty, femininity and the lower joys of life. .

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