The real meaning behind Luke Bryan’s Knockin ‘Boots lyrics

According to ThrillistThe term “tapping boots” was coined in the 1980s, but refers to the Old West. “When cowboys were with the women, they put their boots under the bed. The subsequent action repeatedly hit the shoes together, causing noise and a permanent, strange jargon for sex, ”reports the point of sale.

In the second verse of Luke Bryan’s single “Knockin ‘Boots” you know where it goes when he talks about closing the bar on a Friday night and someone wants “that bad” in the back of the taxi. The last line for the choir explains that “Doors must be closed / lights must be cut / lips must be closed / boots must be tapped. “

Forget the allusion – this catchy melody is quite explicitly about sex – with the lights off and the door closed, of course. The nice thing is – Bryan admits it’s not his best job. Huh? That’s true. He said Taste of the country that he knows it is not a fan favorite. “I let fans go,” you know, I really don’t like this song, but I can’t let it sing. I look in the corridors and men and women turn around and dance outside. It is also quite a nice funny dance song. “

What can’t you love about a country song that sets the mood for a perfectly saturated Friday night with your sweetheart? Bryan really knows what gets fans going – at least most of the time. Do you want to listen yourself? Check out the melody below.

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