The mask that soon prevailed in the workplace?

WITH A MASK – During a trip to the Montpellier University Hospital this Tuesday, August 11, Jean Castex hardened his tone in the face of an “epidemiological situation (that) is evolving in the wrong direction”.

“I say it in a serious way: if we do not react collectively, we expose ourselves to a high risk of a resumption of the epidemic that will be difficult to control,” the head of government warned.

After a defense council dedicated to the epidemic in the morning, the Prime Minister also indicated that he would “ask the prefects to approach the local elected officials to extend as much as possible the obligation to wear a mask in the spaces public ”.

During his trip to Montpellier, Jean Castex also spoke about wearing a mask in companies, where it is not mandatory at the moment.

The Prime Minister thus indicated that he had asked the Ministers of Labor and Economy “to see how we can generalize the use of a mask as much as possible in the workplace”, recalling that they were “governed by protocols that were negotiated more frequently. per branch ”.

“No two workplaces are the same, so the application of absolutely systematic measures is sometimes contrary to the desired effect,” he added. as we can hear in the video below.

In mid-July, companies accounted for 25% of investigated clusters (an increase of 5% compared to July 1), while they were quite absent at the height of the epidemic when telecommuting and work began. reduced time. tax.

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