The inexplicable truth of Trump’s ex-assistant Madeleine Westerhout

Madeleine Westerhout joined the White House shortly after Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. A lifelong conservative, the former Soul Cycle teacher loved working for a Republican president … just not Trump. The Washington Post reported that Tim Alberta wrote in his 2019 book: American massacre, Westerhout reportedly was so upset that Trump won, she burst into tears on election night.

But she pulled herself together. After serving for the Republican National Convention for several years and serving in the presidential campaign of former Utah Governor Mitt Romney, a position in the White House was too good an opportunity to pass up (and the reported salary of $ 145,000 wasn’t bad either). . Although the College of Charleston graduate wasn’t a fan of Trump at first, Westerhout loved her job at the White House and became very loyal to the president. Apparently the feeling was mutual The Washington Post reported on Alberta’s claim that Trump called her “my beautiful beauty.”

In fact, the two were so in love that Westerhout reportedly “bragged” to reporters that their relationship with Trump was closer than that with his two daughters. Politics reported.

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