The Government will launch four new offices to discuss the post-pandemic phase

The national government will create five new offices (Presidency)

After the establishment of the economic office, which has held weekly meetings since December, it was decided to implement programs such as ATP, IFE, zero-rate loans and loans of 24 percent for SMEs, the national government will create four new offices to face the post-pandemic stage. According to Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero, the objective is to prioritize the implementation of public management policies.

These new spaces will be launched tomorrow, Monday. “Argentina must move forward in the country’s recovery after the consequences of the pandemic, and it must do so in a different world, where priorities are redefined and new challenges are presented,” said the national official, adding: “In order to advance in this new stage in Argentina and the world, we need to adapt to be able to respond in an agile way to increasingly specific problems”.

Thematic offices will be developed as follows. The of Foreign trade It will meet on Mondays at 10 am and will focus on Argentina’s strategic positioning in the international market, promoting national production, the search for markets for Argentine products and the import of goods and services that can be produced locally. . with a sustainable view on environmental issues.

Santiago Cafiero with Cecilia Todesca at Casa Rosada
Santiago Cafiero with Cecilia Todesca at Casa Rosada

It will consist of the head and deputy head of the Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero and Cecilia Todesca, the heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, Felipe solá; economy, Martin Guzman, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Luis Basterra; of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas; Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandié and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, Miguel Pesce.

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The central themes that the ministers will address point to the trade balance, tradable goods, import quotas and a strategic trade opening that considers the protection of local resources and industries.

The second office is the Federal Promotion, which will meet on Tuesdays at 10. It will develop specific and equitable policies with a federal perspective. The objective proposed by the Government is that Argentines have access to quality education and cultural goods. A priority objective will be connectivity and accessibility to improve the productivity of industries, commerce and economic activities.

It will consist of the Chief and the Deputy Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero and Cecilia Todesca, and the Interior Ministers, Edward Wado ”by Pedro; Transport, Mario meoni; Education, Nicolas Trotta; Culture, Tristan Bauer; Tourism and Sports, Matias Lammens and Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis.

The main axes that this office will address will be the rehabilitation of the railway network in the interior of the country, the improvement and layout of routes to strengthen connectivity, policies and incentives related to tourism, and the connection with the provinces to strengthen national public policies.

The various offices will meet during the week, at 10, at Casa Rosada
The various offices will meet during the week, at 10, at Casa Rosada

In addition, as reported by Casa Rosada, it will seek to guarantee a greater presence of the State in places that present greater inequality and inequity, as well as to strengthen the Federal Council of Culture, in order to deepen the debate on issues related to organization, strategy and promotion cultural activities.

The third is the Citizen’s officefor. It will open on Thursdays at 10am. It will address access to essential State services across the country, through transversal policies related to access and expansion of rights, with special emphasis on citizen security, human rights and the promotion and development of strategies that articulate innovation, science and technology .

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This team will consist of the chief and deputy chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero and Cecilia Todesca, and the ministers of Science, Technology and Innovation, Roberto Salvarezza; Defending, Agustin Rossi; Social development, Daniel Arroyo; Education, Nicolas Trotta; Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta; Justice and Human Rights, Marcela losardo; Cheers, Ginés González García and security, Sabina Frederic.

The themes to be developed correspond to the digitization of procedures for the new normality, human rights and the prevention and eradication of institutional violence, employment policies and programs aimed at women, genders and diversities, as well as their presence in the industrial sector and access to basic public services. , with greater access and arrival channels for services provided by the State.

The Economic Office has been in operation since December and will meet, from now on, every Wednesday, at 10am.
The Economic Office has been in operation since December and will meet, from now on, every Wednesday, at 10am.

The fourth will be the Urban Planning and Habitat Office. The meetings will be held on Fridays at 10 am. Deepening of access to habitat policies will be established as a fundamental dimension of sustainable development and quality of life. They will seek to articulate resources and policies for access to land, housing and land for a humanistic habitat policy, centered on people, which eradicates speculative practices with the social use of public lands.

It will consist of the Chief and the Deputy Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero and Cecilia Todesca, and by the Ministers of Territorial Development and Habitat, Maria Eugenia Bielsa; Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Luis Basterra; Social development, Daniel Arroyo; Productive development, Matias Kulfas and the owner of ANSES, Fernanda raverta together with his colleague from the State Property Administration Agency -AABE-, Martin Cosentino.

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Finally, the Economic Office, which has been in operation since December, will meet every Wednesday at 10am. It will maintain its original composition, headed by the Chief and Deputy Chief of the Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero and Cecilia Todesca, and by the Ministers of Economy, Martin Guzman; Productive development, Matias Kulfas; and work, Claudio Moroni; in addition to AFIP holders, Mercedes Marcó del Pont; Central Bank (BCRA), Miguel Pesceand ANSES, Fernanda Raverta.

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