The FBI raid on Jake Paul

Jake Paul was investigated in July 2020 for allegedly holding large parties at his Calabasas home during the COVID 19 pandemic. Despite clear guidelines for social distance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and California officials, Paul seemed strangely confused by the outrage. “I honestly don’t know what to think,” he said insider. “I don’t think anyone really does that. No one has answers, our leadership abandons us, and everyone just doesn’t know what to do. But personally I am not the type to sit around and not live my life. ‘

Calabasa’s mayor Alicia Weintraub told it VOC 11 At the time: “They have a big party, no social distance, no masks, it’s just a big disdain for everything everyone is trying to get going again.” Weintraub added that she was at the station when the Lost Hills Sheriff would work together to avoid similar gatherings.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Paul’s parties had anything to do with the FBI raid, but that didn’t stop social media from speculating. “Haha, that’s what you get when you organize all these big parties …” said one Twitter user joked.

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