The astronaut may have committed a first crime in space

New York (AP) – A NASA astronaut has allegedly illegally accessed her ex-partner’s bank account from the International Space Station.

The New York Times reported Friday evening (local time) that this could be the first allegation of a crime from space.

As a result, Anne McClain, who returned to Earth in June after spending six months in space, admitted to investigators that she accessed the account using her known password.

She wanted to make sure all was well with the ex-couple’s finances, which were still intertwined, the newspaper writes. The case was later exposed as the bank found out when the ex-partner requested that the account had been accessed through a NASA network. The time McClain was in space.

According to the newspaper, there is no indication that any money was lost in the account. However, former partner McClains accused the astronaut of the authorities of identity theft. Another complaint against NASA indicates that McClain’s access to the account was used more to gather arguments to challenge his ex’s custody of his son. Investigations are ongoing.

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