Sunstroke and Co .: Outdoor workers need first aid knowledge

Sunstroke and co.

Construction workers do not always have the opportunity to work in the shade, so you should be familiar with first aid measures for heat illness in an emergency. Photo: Thomas Frey / dpa / dpa-tmn. (Source package: dpa)

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – High temperatures and lots of sunshine can be particularly dangerous for employees who work outdoors. It is important that companies inform them of possible symptoms of heat-related illnesses and the appropriate first aid measures. This is stated by the professional association of the construction industry (BG Bau).

In the event of sunstroke, heat stroke or heat exhaustion, those affected should immediately be in the shade, warns the professional association. If a person is even unconscious, the following apply: Get into a stable lateral position, place your head slightly elevated, cool the body with damp rags. In such cases, emergency services should always be alerted.

In general, extreme caution should be exercised when working in heat. Appropriate measures include, for example, moving work early in the morning or in the evening. Otherwise, shade givers and long, breathable clothing, a helmet, and reasonably high UV protection for uncovered areas such as the face help.

You will find an overview of the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and recommended corrective measures at BG Bau.

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