“Summer interview” – Söder: March is a good time for the candidate for free choice of chancellor

Berlin (dpa) – Due to the Corona crisis and out of respect for Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), CSU boss Markus Söder can only imagine the nomination of the candidate for Union chancellor in March 2021.

“Corona is postponing everything and means that we also have to rethink all the deadlines”, the Bavarian Prime Minister said in the ARD “summer interview” on Sunday. First of all, the CDU needs to clarify its internal question on the new party chairman, so it would be good for the Union to take the time to think about the best composition.

Also, out of respect for Merkel, “that we do not place a secondary government six or nine months in advance,” Söder said. The Union must allow itself “for as long as possible” to “embark on the most successful electoral campaign possible, as if it were of a single distribution”.

Söder had previously expressed the same in the “Bild am Sonntag”: “After the CDU party congress, we will consider a moment to determine the candidate for chancellor. It does not have to be January, it cannot be January. take place only in March 2021. “A too long election campaign alongside an active chancellor does not make sense. “

In early June, Söder said the question of who would run as the Union’s candidate for chancellor would likely be decided in January after the election of the new CDU leader. Federal elections are expected to take place in autumn 2021. The CDU meets for a party conference in Stuttgart in early December to elect a new party leader. The CSU meets a week later in Nuremberg.

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The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, the economic politician Friedrich Merz and the foreign politician Norbert Röttgen are applying for the presidency of the CDU – and indirectly also for the candidacy for the chancellor. Asked about the Union’s candidacy for chancellor, all three are far behind Söder in the polls. He in turn constantly assures us that his place is in Bavaria. “It’s not just a sentence you just say,” Söder said in the ARD.

Of course, he is happy that, according to the polls, he is also trusted for other tasks, confirmed Söder in “Bild am Sonntag”. “But at the same time, Bayern want to keep me as prime minister.” It is very important to him. “The CDU has the right to nominate the candidate for chancellor and has always been the chancellor party. There are good reasons why the CSU has never appointed the chancellor.” He will do everything possible to make Germany well – “but my job is in Bavaria”.

Söder also warned the Union against taking electoral victory in view of current polls as too certain: “Anyone who thinks of navigating the Chancellery with these polls needs to think carefully about how things will continue.” The current high values ​​of the Union are rather due to the crisis management of the Chancellor and it is not certain that she will remain so. The CSU will do everything to ensure that the Union enters the electoral campaign as one.

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