Stéphane Plaza: how his time in the fifties helps his mother cry

Stéphane Plaza’s mother died on June 6, 2016. For Stéphane Plaza, then 45, it is an absolute tragedy. Very close to his mother, it is very difficult for him to pass the test. “I cry every day for now, but when I meet people, I smile because they don’t have to know my sadness,” he declared a time after his death. Four years after this terrible experience, the real estate agent is doing better. Little by little, he manages to overcome his pain.

Stéphane Plaza always has a thought for his mother every morning

The transition to fifty is not in vain, as he explains in an interview with TV Mag. “I have a lot of projects in very different fields. I would even say that I have felt better for a year or two. As if I had passed a milestone, perhaps I suffer less from my mother’s disappearance.” , he explains. The presenter of “Search for apartments or houses” has also found love. Without revealing the person’s sex or name, he hoped to be good in their relationship. “Today I am satisfied. The ideal person is the person I am with,” he says. Enough to definitely forget your mother? No, not until then, as he reminds her, she will always have a primary place in his heart. Thus, she reveals “always think a little about (her) mother when (she) wakes up in the morning.”

Well in his sneakers, Stéphane Plaza will be back in prime time starting Monday on the M6 ​​with “Apartment Hunters”. Although the channel had replaced it with a “5 men at home” dating show, it fell back on poor ratings. “5 men at home” is deprogrammed. Starting Monday, August 10, it gives way to replays of “apartment hunters.” Who is the strongest?

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By Mélanie C.

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