Stéphane Bern bankrupt? Update on your financial situation

It has not escaped anyone, Stéphane Bern is a true lover of France and its heritage. In 2012, the host of France Télévisions took on the challenge of renovating the royal and military college of Thiron-Gardais. A great challenge that comes at a price. Stéphane Bern claims to have bought this 17th century property for the modest sum of 300,000 euros. But that is not all. The renovation of the building would cost a real fortune. So much so that the old RTL headliner would be ruined. A rumor to which Stéphane Bern wanted to respond to Le Parisien, during an interview published in 2019.

“All my money goes there”

“I did not have a penny. I borrowed it all, rejecting public aid. It is a well with no financial bottom. I had to invest almost 4 million euros and I have been in debt for twenty-five years,” explained Stéphane Bern, who hopes not to go bankrupt until now. ” Yes I read it “, he says before resuming:” It is not exactly what I said but it is true that all my money goes there, my copyright, the money shows. It’s a bit like the Danaïdes barrel here. But I don’t want to make anyone cry. “Stéphane Bern is very attached to this property which is now open to the public. He also revealed his desire to bequeath everything to his foundation after his death” so that Thiron-Gardain is more open to the public. ” The journalist concluded: “Thanks to this place, I have the feeling that I have not succeeded in life but in my life.”

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By Matilde A.

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