Start your professional training successfully in the Corona era

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – home office, working with a mask, uncertainty in many companies: the world of work has changed with the corona pandemic. It also affects interns who now start in August or September.

Jutta Rump, personnel management expert and ambassador for the New Quality of Work (INQA) initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, gives advice on how to start businesses and interns.

– Use experienced colleagues as coaches: Rump recommends that trainees start at the home office, if experienced employees accompany them as coaches. Coaches can, for example, help young professionals to structure their daily work or learn about the company’s communication rules.

Despite the hygiene rules, trainees must be able to meet their interlocutor at least once a week – and not just virtually. If there are other apprentices in the company, meetings should also be allowed here to strengthen the sense of community – naturally taking into account the rules of distance.

– Include interns: whether communication tools or virtual reality applications for skilled trades – as a generation that has grown up with digital technologies, young interns can get involved when It is about supporting the use of digital aids. It can even loosen up hierarchical structures – in favor of an eye-level exchange.

According to Rump, the participation and initiative of the trainees are also sought when it comes to adapting the trainee’s course to the rules of hygiene and to new learning situations, such as with a mask.

– Check the training associations: the corona crisis has hit many companies economically. They should communicate fairly and openly to their interns if their completion is threatened. Then, for example, in cooperation with other companies, they can secure jobs for trainees.

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