Stars 80, the sequel: why the trailer with Jean-Luc Lahaye was controversial

Make way for nostalgia on TF1 this Thursday night. The channel broadcasts the movie “Star 80, the sequel.” The latter, inspired by a true story, follows the adventure of Olivier Kaefer, played on screen by Patrick Timsit, who is now dedicated only to cinema, the co-creator with Hugues Gentelet of the famous tour “RFM Party 80”, now “Star 80 “. But despite the success, the film was marred by several controversies, including one that was resolved in court. He pitted the film’s producer against the former tour operator. Olivier Kaefer accused Thomas Langmann of not having paid his royalties for the first part. But that is not all. He also accused him of a violation of moral rights later. “They are the same characters, inspired by our story, as in the first movie. And they are played by the same actors,” explains Olivier Kaefer in an interview with Le Figaro in 2017.

a scene cut during editing

“In Stars 80, my character’s sequel runs into trouble with Ursaff, I don’t want the general public to assimilate me into this kind of practice.” But this is not the only controversy that affected the film. In fact, at the time of its launch in 2017, we saw singer Jean-Luc Lahaye, who recently spoke about cosmetic surgery, in the trailer. Convicted in 2015 for the bribery of a minor, he made a joke in the film with very bad taste about it. In fact, the singer was ironic in the movie about his girlfriends’ age, revealing that “they were still in high school.” A touch of humor that must have been difficult to pass in view of the artist’s recent conviction. Designated at the time, the sequence was cut during editing. Here too, Olivier Kaefer disagreed with the director: “This trailer is stupid. But the culprit is Thomas Langmann,” he confided to the Parisian.

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