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Berlin – The SPD leadership around Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans does not rule out a coalition with the Left Party after the federal elections. And Esken is even considering an alliance under a green chancellery.

“We want to paint a clear picture of a fairer future that exudes great respect for people and promises a brighter future for many,” Esken said in ARD’s “summer interview”. In their view, a progressive alliance is necessary for this – cooperation with the Left Party would therefore be “possible and conceivable”.

Esken did not rule out entering into an alliance under a green chancellery. “This is not about vanity. It is about doing good politics for the locals, and the SPD is ready to take on such responsibility.” At the same time, she indicated that her party will continue to consider a levy for the super-rich in the context of payroll taxes caused by the Corona crisis.

Previously, Esken’s colleague in the presidency, Walter-Borjans, was mostly open to talks with the Left Party after next year’s general election. The SPD wants to become the leading force of a government alliance focused on social cohesion. “The grand coalition is not a base for this.

If we ruled out an alliance option with the left, the defenders of “business as usual” and therefore of the new division of society would have already won, “Walter-Borjans told the newspapers of the media group Funke. Chancellor Olaf Scholz, parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich and everything like him would also see Esken yes. “But there would certainly still be enough need for clarification. As with the Greens,” said Walter-Borjans.

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Previously, leftist leader Katja Kipping said: “In order to implement the necessary socio-ecological changes, we are ready to move to a federal government. For this we need social majorities on the left of the Union. “

CSU General Secretary Markus Blume told “Bild” newspaper: “Instead of talking about GroKo’s successes, the SPD has now officially turned to the left for the upcoming federal election. With its dreams of the left in the midst of a global recession, the SPD proves why it is only known the way down in surveys. “

An alliance beyond a grand coalition would currently be possible for the SPD, if at all, in particular in an alliance with the Greens and the Left Party. With his statement on a green chancellery, Esken is likely taking into account the current situation that the Greens are ahead of the Social Democrats in the polls. Esken said in the ARD that she was sure the SPD would succeed in making an offer to a large number of voters.

The party leader confirmed the SPD’s efforts to quickly clarify the issue of the SPD’s candidacy for chancellor. But even if many party colleagues are already loudly advocating Olaf Scholz for this post, she did not want to engage on this subject on ARD either. “Olaf Scholz is an exceptional vice-chancellor. And I think a lot of people are happy that we have such a competent and experienced Minister of Finance as head of government.” Deliberations should be conducted “wisely” before the public is informed.

In the face of the corona pandemic and the resulting social responsibility, Esken has once again taken up the SPD’s call to change the glaring income gaps. In this context, Esken had already implemented a single property tax for the super-rich. The party has yet to decide when this tax should go into effect. “These are very, very high assets, but we are not done with the definition,” said the leader of the SPD.

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FDP General Secretary Linda Teuteberg said: “This clearly shows that the election campaign will be about more or less taxes and effective rule of law or lawless areas. Regardless of who is running for Chancellor, motivated workers will no longer find a political home with the SPD. ” And “those who vote for the SPD or the Greens will wake up with the red-red-green”.

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