Sondermann bakery chain closes half of its branches

Two years ago, the Sondermann-Brot bakery chain filed for bankruptcy of parts of the business. Due to the Corona crisis, the affected branches cannot be saved.

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The traditional Sondermann-Brot bakery chain from North Rhine-Westphalia wants to close around half of its branches. This emerges from a press release from the company.

The chain had already filed for bankruptcy of certain subsidiaries at the end of August 2018. These were entrusted to an insolvency administrator who, however, saw no future for the company. Due to the Corona crisis, “the prospect of an entrepreneurial solution for the previously stable business operations of insolvent areas has been lost,” the post read.

As a result, the company wants to have between 50 and 60 branches. When the insolvency proceedings were filed in 2018, Sondermann operated more than 100 branches in North Rhine-Westphalia. However, it is not yet clear which branches are affected.

Bakery chain over 70 years old

“As far as possible, we want to give the employees of these companies the chance of a new job at least under the previous conditions”, said managing director Hermann Sondermann, according to the announcement.

Sondermann-Brot was founded in 1949 and had to file for bankruptcy in 2011. At that time an investor joined the company.

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