Slim Teddy Riner: the impressive amount of pounds he’s lost

Teddy Riner did not lose sight of his objectives during the closure. The judoka is aiming for a third gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, which will take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021. Therefore, the multiple world champion has rigorously trained from home. A physical activity that allowed him to lose many pounds. Guest of Laurent Delahousse on July 18 during the broadcast in France 3 of the documentary “Teddy”, the athlete revealed that he had established a gym in his office. “I hated my physical trainer who sent me a little busy sessions, but it worked, I lost more than ten kilos,” says young father Teddy Riner. In France 2, the judoka thus entrusted weighing 143 kilos “to 3 kilos of [son] better weight. “During the same interview, he also confessed to weighing up to 166 kilos. Thanks to” long-term work “he was able to lose all that weight.

He trained during the running of the bulls

“If I had been told that I would have had to do the 12 Hercules jobs, I would not have stopped, I would have continued,” Teddy Riner explained. As for the postponement of the Olympic Games, the world champion is struggling to receive the news. “I say to myself ‘no, it is not possible, we cannot postpone the Olympics’, it is too big. And how and when my coaches and those around me tell me, after a while when it falls, I believe it,” he declared in France. 2. During confinement, the athlete was in any case able to spend time with his family, the father of two children with his wife Luthna.

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