Shy’m poses with her sister on Instagram: her fans surprised by their resemblance

Shy’m is very active on social media. And in particular on his Instagram account followed by more than 823,000 subscribers. Sexy photos, advice for her fans… The 34-year-old singer never stops panicking on the Net. But that’s not all. Shy’m also uses social media to send messages close to her heart. The most recent police violence concerns the death of the American George Floyd. Tamara Marthe, whose real name was released at the time: “I don’t have the words. It is so strange, painful and even degrading to see this ‘Matter of Black Lives’ chanted everywhere. As if it has to be remembered. In 2020, it is even more absurd. “The life of blacks matters” Wake me up … It is the cruelty, ignorance or “inhumanity” of diseased brains that should be pointed out, treated or locked up at all costs. Education be done before Justice ” A moving message that did not go unnoticed.

“A mini Shy’m”

If back to school promises to be busy for Shy, I’m with him resumption of the series “Profiles” On TF1 on August 20, the Dance with the stars (TF1) jury is still enjoying their summer. And it is with the family that the artist has resources. This Friday, August 7, Shy’m also revealed an adorable photo with his little sister. “Girls can do anything,” says Shy’m in the caption of the photo, referring to the shirt worn by the five-year-old. Comments were not long in coming. Surprised by the resemblance of the two sisters, many netizens commented on the cliché. “Mini Tam”, “Double trouble”, “It looks a lot like you”, “A mini Shy’m”, we can read in the comments.

By Matilde A.

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