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SHUNDE, China, August 7, 2020 / PRNewswire / – District Science and Technology Agency Shundein the province of Guangdong (China), released today the list of 20 essential technologies for critical industries that must be directed to gather resources for continuous technological advances and obtain a series of important scientific and technological achievements, as well as independent intellectual property rights.

The list was compiled after extensive business research, multidisciplinary expert demonstrations, selections and analyzes, in order to accelerate the implementation of the innovation-oriented strategy, achieve the high quality development goal, actively explore the implementation of essential technology, encourage companies to move beyond the key technical level and to overcome technical problems that urgently need to be solved in the industrial development of the district.

The first group of 20 key technologies to address is comprised of research and industrialization of key technologies in fields such as: (1) Integrated robotic power wheel modules with high torque density, high power density and high level of integration, (2) manufacture of environmentally friendly, high-performance PVC tubes, (3) large-scale, high-performance CNC intelligent servo presses, (4) low-emission domestic burners based on porous media infrared combustion technology and (5) high precision injection molding for large diameter plastic pipe connections.

The list includes research and application of key technologies in: (6) devices with new noise reduction technology based on the aerospace, military and bionics industries, (7) multiplatform visual structures, (8) intelligent construction management platforms BIM-based construction, (9) AI devices, (10) high-speed machines in the home appliance field, and (11) O&M management projects based on independent intellectual property data standards.

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In addition, it includes: (12) research on the replacement and application of home appliance control chips, (13) key technology and high-speed online intelligent visual detection equipment for color classification and separation of ceramic tiles, (14) indirect flat heat pipe heat dissipation systems for high density fixtures, (15) new luminescent organometallic materials for OLED screens, (16) remote monitoring, health assessment and after-sales service platforms for machines molding, (17) conductive dielectric membrane for applying macromolecules to thin printed circuit boards, (18) research into key technology of the central energy component of household appliances based on high performance computing, (19) key manufacturing technology of high-performance PE tubes for marine aquaculture cage ailments, and (20) energy control systems and gave me an AI environment in industrial companies is.

Shunde is located in the main rural area of ​​the Great Bay area of GuangdongHong KongMacao. With its rapid economic development, it was ranked first among the top 100 districts with the greatest comprehensive strength for eight consecutive years and ranked among the top ten demonstration counties 11 times. In 2019, gross regional production of Shunde was 352,320 million and the total industrial production of industrial companies above the designated size exceeded 763,980 million.

Contact: Ms. Xie +86 757-22830349 / Mr. Huang +86 757-22830327

SOURCE The Bureau of Science and Technology of Shunde

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