Serie A – conditioner rumors: show in Milan with Rangnick

Leipzig (dpa) – Ralf Rangnick tries something new. He is silent. At least on the subject of football and his own future, the charismatic thought leader is deliberately short of words.

In mid-May, the architect of RB Leipzig spoke publicly for the last time and confirmed: “There have been contacts with AC Milan.” Since then, there has been silence. Text messages receive a monosyllabic response from time to time.

Rumors about a possible move to Milan are now so wild that they sometimes make him laugh heartily. One day a three-year contract is signed, the next Rangnick’s current employer, Red Bull, demands a transfer of eight million euros, and again the next day it’s all settled and Rangnick can also recruit new players for 100 million euros.

The truth will not be in the middle of this tohuwabohu, but somewhere nearby. In December, the first rumors erupted. Rangnick’s wish was actually a job in England. It has been in him since he was a student on the Brighton Canal coast. The fact that the 62-year-old is considering an engagement with the Italian giant, which has been plummeting for years, has a lot to do with the name Arrigo Sacchi.

The football revolutionary of the 80s is the model of Rangnick. Now, walking in his footsteps naturally triggers a huge attraction. Plus, thanks to the owner, a hedge fund owned by billionaire Paul Elliott Singer, the club would be liquid enough to quickly create something big. But it’s not just the fact that the move to Lombardy has been going on for more than six months that makes Rangnick questionable.

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Because Milan will have from the start a working atmosphere different from that of Hoffenheim or Leipzig. Rangnick was the architect of the province, was allowed to generously spend the money of billionaires Hopp and Mateschitz, and created new structures from scratch. In Milan, however, the current Red Bull consultant is reportedly not a construction worker, but rather a conditioner. And he found structures that had developed over decades.

The culture of hospitality is currently experienced in and around Centro Sportivo Milanello. “I don’t know him. He did some interesting but unimportant things in Germany,” former Milan coach Fabio Capello said. There is also discontent that Rangnick is supposed to come with a large entourage and should be endowed with extensive skills. From afar, club icon Paolo Maldini recommended that he show a little more respect.

Understandable, as Maldini’s job as CTO is set to become obsolete with the arrival of Rangnick. Sporting director Zvonimir Boban received the papers in March after criticizing manager Ivan Gazidis for contacting Rangnick in an interview.

To make matters worse, Milan currently have a run. Since the Corona break, manager Stefano Pioli’s ideas have worked so well that six games have been won and none lost. It was not until Saturday that Bologna was swept 5-1 from San Siro empty. If Pioli continues his race, qualification for the Europa League is at least in the end. A split with the 54-year-old should be a tough sell.

After all, there is an end in sight – whatever that sounds like. On August 2, Milan has its last game of the season, receives Cagliari. The next day, facts should be created. And Ralf Rangnick can then have a relaxed football conversation.

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