Sergio Massa: “We cannot close the Congress so as not to solve the Argentine justice problem”

Amid the demands of the Juntos pela Mudança block, which refused to discuss the project through a remote session, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, defended the treatment of judicial reform in the complex, arguing that it is not possible to “close Congress so as not to solve the Argentine Justice problem”.

In an interview with TN channel, the leader of the Renovador Front considered that “if it is not assumed that Justice in Argentina is a disaster and that of the three branches (of the State) is the one that has least evolved in the last 30 years It is not to understand what is happening ”.

“We are not closed. We will discuss variants, opinions, if that is the best thing that can happen to us as a society. What cannot happen is that we close the Congress so as not to solve the Argentine Justice problem, ”he added.

Thus, Massa questioned the position of Juntos por el Cambio that, after a remote meeting held by its main referents, among them the former president Mauricio Macri, confirmed that the bloc will not support the treatment of this initiative through remote session.

“Today people are being judged virtually. There are criminal convictions for zooming, how can we not discuss judicial reform in a virtual way if there are judges condemning people to prison for using zoom? “replied the chief of deputies in this regard.

Sergio Massa conducting virtual session in Deputies.

However, he clarified that he is against the expansion of the STF because “if with five (members) it is difficult to agree, with nine it will be more complicated”.

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“I think part of my value in the Front of All is that, when I had to increase my differences, I raised them. In short, part of the wealth of construction is not to deny our history, but to understand that, when we close ourselves in our whims or fights, we end up winning projects like Macri’s, which destroy the Argentine middle class ”, he said when answering the question. of the journalist about whether she would prevent the eventual re-election of Cristina Kirchner, now vice president, as he did years ago.

In this sense, he opined that the ex-national president “is obliged to answer to the courts” when he calls her, but also guaranteed that “there were situations in which there were manifestly excesses and arbitrariness” in the scope of the investigations against her.

At the end of the interview, Massa avoided answering whether Maximum Kirchner about himself to be a candidate for the presidency in the next elections, and confined himself to saying that he currently does not live by the “struggles of the past” nor does he think “in the future.

“Twenty years ago I lived the political life running around thinking about what my goal was. Today, personally, I am very happy and fulfilled with what I am doing. I don’t look after tomorrow. Today, I would not be elected (for president) because I am not running. It seems to me that I have to leave everything where I am ”, he explained.

The head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, along with his colleague in the Senate, Cristina Kirchner.
The head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, along with his colleague in the Senate, Cristina Kirchner.
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On the other hand, Massa also referred to the recent events of insecurity in different parts of the country and specified that “the first sensation” generated by these cases “is one of anger, not even impotence”.

“The State has instruments that have been losing professionalism in recent years: security forces, Justice that frees criminals, prosecutors who do not act and, unfortunately, also a security policy entangled in a cheap political discussion”, he analyzed.

For the official, “in the name of the pandemic, there were judges who released drug traffickers, rapists who were sent to the home or to the same address where the victim lived”, so that “it must be clear to the Court that our political decision is that the judges who make their summer on behalf of COVID will face prosecution ”.

“This is the view of Sergio Massa who contributes to the Frente de Todos in this matter, where he has some experience, a public position and the decision to support his ideas. Each of us came to contribute with what he represents for society ”, he concluded.

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