Ségolène Royal’s blunder in the Tour de France: Twitter the lynch

The 2020 Tour de France, which was originally scheduled to take place between June and July, was finally postponed to August 29 to end on September 20. Information revealed a few months ago, but that obviously escaped Ségolène Royal. The former minister, very active on her Twitter account, published a tweet on Tuesday, August 4, which did not go unnoticed. In reaction to a message posted by “Le Figaro”, broadcasting an interview with writer Philippe Delerm saying that “a summer without the Tour de France makes us melancholy”, Ségolène Royal launched a new spiel.

“Was it really not possible to keep the Tour de France?”

“But by the way, was it really not possible to keep the Tour de France? With a daily test of athletes and public in the open air with masks? Since we take a more confined train or bus, where is the problem?”, he said, adding the hashtags #BonSense and #StopPsychose. His tweet was widely commented on by internet users. “But the Tour de France does take place this year, but in September,” several Twitter users told him. Ségolène Royal has not Reacted since then, but his tweet was published a few hours after a sensational announcement about the Tour de France 2021. The start of the Tour de France 2021 from Copenhagen will not take place next summer, as does the mayor of the Danish capital, Franck Jensen, announced on television on Monday, August 3. The mayor clarified that the departure from Copenhagen is postponed one year and will take place in 2022 to avoid an overlap of sporting events interrupted by Covid-19, with Copenhagen being one of the s host cities for Euro 2019.

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By Matilde A.

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