Samy Naceri: tired of criticism, the actor reacts

The star of the Taxi saga, Samy Naceri, kept away from the fifth installment, has carried a bad boy image for several years. And for good reason, he has had to deal with justice multiple times. He has been in prison multiple times, particularly for fights, name calling against an agent, or even for driving without a license. But one of his biggest convictions took place in January 2009. The actor is accused of “willful violence” after he attacked a relative of his former partner in the neck. The investigation revealed that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the events. But his old demons now seem to be way behind him. He has been trying to get another image in the media for several years.

“everything is false”

After spending a few months in Los Angeles, the actor is back in France. Frederic Diefenthal’s playmate gave Nice-Matin a long interview and offers an honest assessment of his many missteps. “I know I did shit, but every time we did a lot too, and it all rubbed off on my career. I had to row and do my best not to be buried (…) Seven years have passed since I dropped a moped or I ran a red light. At 60, you’re fine, you’re calming down for the third half. And if you’re in good shape, you can play until 90! “

Then he adds: “Some have suggested that on a set, it was unmanageable, that he did not know my text and did not arrive on time … All of this is false. I like to arrive. Before filming to speak with the technicians, and Since I’m a bummer, I learn everything by heart. My job is my job, so you guys need to know how to trust me … “

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