Sad harbinger: most bathing deaths so far in Bavaria – Bavaria

Between January and July, 35 people drowned in local waters, according to statistics released Thursday by the German Rescue Society (DLRG) in Stuttgart.
However, that’s 32 fewer deaths than during the same period last year. “The number of drowned people depends a lot on the weather,” DLRG spokesman Achim Wiese said. Spring and the first summer months have been rather sober this year; this is reflected in the numbers.
According to Wiese, 16 people drowned in a river, 6 in a stream, 11 in a lake and one each in a pond and in a canal. Wiese was not surprised that no one has drowned in a swimming pool so far. Because there, the water is monitored by specialized personnel, unlike many lakes and rivers.
According to statistics, there were 192 fatal swimming accidents in Germany between January and July. Over 90 percent of them occurred in unsafe swimming areas.

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