Roselyne Bachelot in Les Reines du Shopping: the minister assumes in the face of criticism

The circumstances can be surprising. In politics or television, Roselyne Bachelot has multiplied her experiences. After several years of being a columnist for the media, Roselyne Bachelot created a surprise by making her return to government. During the remodeling on July 6, she was appointed Minister of Culture. Only the replacement for Franck Riester is trapped by her previous activities. While listeners can still hear her on RTL with reruns of “Grosses Têtes”, viewers will soon be able to discover her appearance at Les Reines du shopping on M6.

Roselyne Bachelot assumes her participation

At the end of May in “Les Enfants de la Télé”, the Minister of Culture revealed her participation in a special week of celebrities of the show that will begin its new season on August 24. “Imagine that Cristina offered me to do a program to help an association that we are in charge of. And I am in charge of organizing concerts for people with Alzheimer’s,” he had released without suspicion. of what the future held. While M6 specified the context of the filming “recorded before the Covid-19 epidemic and the appointment of Ms Bachelot as Minister of Culture” in a trailer, Roselyne Bachelot was questioned on Twitter by a netizen. When she was criticized for her participation, the Minister of Culture defended herself: “This program was filmed several months ago before the pandemic crisis and is intended to finance an association of people with Alzheimer’s.” “I am proud of this associative commitment”, assumed Roselyne Bachelot.

By Marie Merlet

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