Robin Williams: his relatives tell the last days of his life

On August 11, 2014, the world learned of the suicide of actor Robin Williams. Robin Williams died at the age of 63 and suffered from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. The actor, known for his many movie roles (including Jumanji and Madame Doubtfire), was found dead in his California home on Paradise Cay. Police reportedly said they found Robin Williams hanging from a belt, with a knife next to him.

Shortly after his death, his press secretary revealed that Robin Williams “suffered from severe depression.” However, Susan Schneider, the actor’s last wife, had revealed that depression was not the cause of his death. “Depression was just … let’s say, one of the fifty symptoms that I suffered. And it was one of the least important,” he told “People” magazine.

Help the sick to “be less afraid”

While Robin Williams passed away six years ago, almost to this day, a moving documentary will be released on September 1. Directed by Tylor Norwood and titled “Robin’s Wish” (“Robin’s Will” in French, editor’s note), this documentary chronicles the actor’s last moments. There will be heartbreaking testimonies.

As Robin Williams’ widow explained to “Entertainment Weekly,” this documentary has a specific purpose: to help people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s “be less afraid.” “We had been discussing what we wanted our legacy to be in life; when it was time to leave, how we wanted people to feel. Robin said, ‘I want to help people be less afraid.’ explains Susan Schneider, who also stated: “Faced with a brain disease I had never heard of, I made it my mission to understand it.”

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By Matilde A.

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