Report: Seehofer bans Thuringia from accepting refugees

Even the state government of Berlin failed in its attempt to accommodate refugees from Greek slum camps. Interior Minister Seehofer has apparently also rejected Thuringia.

According to a media report, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is also blocking Thuringia’s request to accept a special contingent of refugees from camps in Greece. As the “Spiegel” reports, State Secretary for the Interior Hans-Georg Engelke informed the state government of the rejection of Thuringia’s request in a letter.

Thuringia wants to welcome 500 additional refugees. State Secretary Engelke now wrote according to “Spiegel” that if the federal government agreed, “federal uniformity would not be maintained”. He referred to the requirement that an agreement between the state and the Federal Interior Ministry is required for admission. As this is not the case, the legal conditions for admitting people are not met.

Berlin is also not allowed to accept other refugees

Seehofer had previously requested the Berlin state refused to accept group of 300 refugees from overcrowded Greek camps. So far, the federal government is only ready to accept 243 children and adolescents requiring medical treatment as well as their parents and siblings in Germany under its own program.

Engelke pointed this out in his letter. “Due to their particularly strong willingness to accept, the states of Berlin and Thuringia have been the subject of special attention”, wrote the secretary of state according to “Spiegel”.

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